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Robert is 'Excellent' in Jersey Boys: New Review!

Robert Peterpaul Jersey Boys

"One of my other favorite moments in Jersey Boys is what I’ll call the “scam-murder” scene, which at MTC features Michael Luongo and Robert Peterpaul in a rapidly escalating dramatic show, ultimately ending in a “dead” body in Valli’s car. This brief scene is hilarious, and Luongo and Peterpaul really go all in. The audience was cracking up by the end of it! Peterpaul does excellent work juggling multiple roles including Nick DeVito and one of the new Four Seasons members once the group became Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons. Peterpaul showcases vocal skill in the quartets, leaning into the tight harmonies and group choreography." - By Kiersten Bjork, Connecticut Critic's Circle


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