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Robert Interviewed By Actors With Issues Podcast

Robert was honored to be invited as a guest on the Actors with Issues podcast. Check out the description and tune in below!

"The delightful actor, singer, fellow journalist and podcast host Robert Peterpaul joins us on the show this week we talk about EVERYTHING! Robert shares his experiences auditioning for professional acting jobs at a very young age, including booking the role of Jojo in the Broadway musical "Seussical".

Robert also talks about the origins of his podcast "The Art Of Kindness" where his guests from across entertainment open up about their life and career experiences; and some of the incredible advice he's gotten over the years regarding one's attitude going into auditions and how to "get out of your own head". Be sure to check out Robert's show "The Art of Kindness" on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and all podcast platforms."


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