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Robert Appears On CBS Show BULL

While watching TV, my fiancee Cassie and I have fallen into the habit of cheering for the actors who pop into a scene with one or two lines. You know, the delivery person asking the lead to sign for flowers, or the waiter who walks over to the table to ask if they’re “all set.”

Co-star roles vary in size, but they have one thing in common: they can be hard to get! You might not think this when watching shows, but the truth is only about 2% of actors in SAG-AFTRA are actually supporting themselves with acting gigs. Suffice to say, for every tiny part you see in a show, there were a lot of actors ready to work!

So, every time a delivery person hands over flowers, or a waiter brings that check, we cheer because we know that actor worked really hard to be there.

Tonight we get to cheer for a co-star spot I have on the CBS show BULL (season 6, episode 4). Thank you to the fantastic casting directors, Natasha and my wonderful Take 3 Talent Agency family! And of course to my love, Cassie and you all for the support.

Keep moving toward your dreams no matter what they are, and, most importantly, enjoy the ride. It’s yours and yours alone.

I believe in you!


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